Multimodality treatment of stage II thymic tumours.

Carillo C, Diso D, Mantovani S, Pecoraro Y, De Giacomo T, Ciccone AM, Poggi C, Longo F, Cassese R, Tombolini V, Rendina EA, Venuta F, Anile M.

J Thorac Dis. 2017 Aug;9(8):2369-2374.


BACKGROUND: Complete resection for stage II thymic tumors can be easily accomplished even if the capsula and adjacent mediastinal tissue are macroscopically involved; however, also at this stage, recurrence may occur, particularly for B2, B3 and thymic carcinoma. The criteria for the administration of adjuvant therapy remain controversial and it is unclear whether patients at this stage may benefit from it. We reviewed a series of patients at this stage receiving adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy (chemo-RT) based on histology. METHODS: Eighty-eight consecutive patients with stage II thymic tumors were reviewed; 59 patients (67%) with B thymoma or thymic carcinoma received adjuvant treatment with mediastinal irradiation (40-55 Gy), chemotherapy (CH) (PAC regimen) or a combination of both. RESULTS: Complete resection was achieved in all patients. Fifty-four patients (61%) received post-operative chemo-RT, 2 (2%) patients received adjuvant CH only and 3 (3%) post-operative RT only; they all had B2, B3 histology or thymic carcinoma. The median follow up was 107±83 months. 5-year and 10-year survival were 96%±2% and 83.4%±5%. Recurrence was observed in 5 patients (5.7%). Disease-free 5 and 10-year survival was 94%±2% and 92%±3% respectively. Five patients (5.7%) had recurrence. CONCLUSIONS: The administration of adjuvant chemo-RT to patients with stage II type B thymoma and thymic carcinoma contributes to reduce the recurrence rate and to increase long-term survival.