Pubblicazione del Paper su JTD dal titolo “Women in thoracic surgery: the european perspective”

During the last decades, women have been discouraged from entering the medical career and in particular in the surgical specialties. This situation is changing across continents and national and international initiatives are supporting aspiring female surgeons in pursuing the surgical career through mentorship and fellowship programmes. Due to the differences in training programmes, Health Care systems and cultural backgrounds, it’s not easy to describe unanimously the pathways and obstacles that junior female thoracic surgeons are experiencing in Europe. The development of female surgical associations, mentorship programmes and national initiatives will further champion the gender equality in this specialty across Europe. During the recent years, the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) has established initiatives like the first ESTS Women in Thoracic Surgery Scientific Session or the annual Women in Thoracic ESTS Reception during the Annual Conference, which are done in an effort to encourage all female colleagues to join this specialty and increase the opportunity to share their experience and meet potential mentors. In this article we will depict the situation in some of the European countries whose female thoracic surgeons have led their way. We aim to give the next generation the examples that can influence women’s choice of surgical career, and the possible strategies and initiatives to reduce the gender discrimination within healthcare.